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Laser Treatment For Gingival Diseases

Bleeding and swollen gums are the initial signs of gingival degeneration. Over a period of time they progress into what is known as periodontitis, resulting in loosening of teeth and eventual loss.

Treatment modalities are available to intervene the disease process. Scaling and root planning are effective. Newer modalities include the use of lasers to treat gum diseases.




Laser beam ensures the removal of plaque and infected gingival tissue. After the removal of infected tissue any calculus deposits are removed to prevent future infections. The site is now allowed to heal and regenerate healthy gingival tissue. Soft tissue laser will ensure comfort, increase the precision of many procedures, and drastically reduce healing times.


Regular oral hygiene maintenance is necessary. Avoid or stop smoking to reduce the risk of future infections, and follow any specific instructions from your dentist or dental specialist as closely as possible.